2017 Toyota Prius c Photo Gallery_o

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We just got some great news last night, as Toyota introduced an all-new 2017 Toyota Prius c. While not a total re-imagining, the Prius c has undergone a few cosmetic upgrades for the 2017 model year, and added a few great new features. If you’re interested in finding out what the changes were in more… Read more »

How does a continuously variable transmission work_o

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How does a continuously variable transmission work? Today, most people still think “automatic or manual” when thinking about transmission systems. But there are more options than that, namely: the continuously variable transmission, or CVT. As you are probably already aware, a manual transmission is also known as a stick shift, as you have to manually… Read more »

2017 Valentines Day Restaurants Edmonton AB_b

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Valentine’s Day is coming up just around the corner. If you’re looking for the perfect place to take that special someone in your life out to dinner, then we’ve got a few options for you to check out. These three restaurants should have 2017 Valentine’s Day specials, but you’ll want to make sure to book… Read more »

Used 2016 Subaru WRX For Sale Edmonton AB_d

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Used 2016 Subaru WRX For Sale Edmonton AB We’ve got another flashy vehicle for you in this week’s Used Car Spotlight, and while it might not be as brightly colored as last week’s ‘14 Mustang, it is practically brand new. So without further ado, this week we take a look at a used 2016 Subaru… Read more »

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What is the center console? You’ve probably heard the term center console used when talking about a vehicle’s cabin before, but it can sometimes be unclear what exactly the phrase is referring to. So we thought we’d focus on that for this week’s How’s This Work, especially with all of the changes coming to what… Read more »


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Used 2014 Ford Mustang For Sale Edmonton AB Well we’re already ten days into 2017, and although it is the second Tuesday of the year we didn’t post anything last week with the New Year occurring. So this week marks the first Used Car Spotlight of the year, and we have found a beauty –… Read more »


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2018 Toyota Camry Canadian Release Date The Toyota Camry, arguably our brand’s most iconic vehicle, was last remodeled for the 2011 model year. There have, of course, been facelifts and enhancements since then, but the 10th-generation midsize sedan and its hybrid counterpart have been going strong for the past seven years. But, as we announced… Read more »